10 LITTLE LIBERALS: A Tale of Hope


Follow the exploits of 10 Little Liberals as they go through life doing what the left does, get offended by everything.  Watch as they wither down to the last snowflake before a surprise ending that would make any Conservative happy.  

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10 Little Liberals is the perfect book to display on your coffee table if you're a conservative, and the perfect gift for your grouchy, liberal friends this holiday season! A timeless classic with a conservative twist - this book is fantastically illustrated and a just-right mixture of humor and truth.
~The Chicks on the Right, Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver
Book Review by Jacob Airey
Ten Little Liberals starts with ten leftists who are gathered together to protest, riot, and chant, only to be systematically brought down to a group of one. Each rhyme mimics and ultimately parodies some aspect of the political climate of the country.

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